Best Interior Design Concepts for the Summer of 2022 and Beyond

Home is a place for peace and comfort, more people are putting emphasis on how their living spaces look and feel. Some summer interior concepts for 2022 and beyond are increasing in popularity. By combining aesthetics and functionality, they are making the home the place it should be: inviting, peaceful, and comfortable.

Constructing a Home Library

Since we are always connected to technology these days, increasing numbers of people are developing a fervent desire to unplug and go back to the basics. Family libraries with plush rugs and cozy furniture; settings fit for relaxation are cropping up in homes around the country. If you want to unplug for a while and relax by getting lost in a good book, then you may desire to have a family library in your home if you have room for one.

Using Light Colors

Light colors are another interior design trend that is taking off in the summer of 2022 and will stand the test of time for years to come. People are adding light-colored cabinets to their kitchens and bathrooms along with other lightly colored fixtures and furniture throughout the house. Light colors are sure to make spaces appear bright and open.

Using Metallics to Add Shine

This summer, many are adding shine to their homes by using metallic accents such as candle holders, lamp shades, picture frames, plant pots, and decorative bowls. Kitchens are also being fitted with stainless-steel appliances. Using metallics to give your home shine provides a glamorous appeal and will be in style well past 2022.

Sporting That Vintage Look

Shabby and antique styles are also making a comeback. If you want your home to sport that vintage and antique flare, then you will want to purchase antique-style furniture along with adding some other touches. Some examples of some clever ideas you can implement for various rooms in your house are as follows:


  • Wooden chairs and tables for the dining room and kitchen that are painted with whites and pastels to provide a rustic look


  • Earthy-colored sofas and rugs to give the living room a warm, rustic feel


  • Off-white shaker cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom


  • Brass taps for all faucets


  • A wrought-iron, antique-style bed to give the bedroom an antique appearance


  • A cast-iron crib to give your baby’s nursery an elegant and vintage look


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