Paws and Pillows: The Top Pet-Approved Couches for Every Home and Budget

 Are you a proud pet owner who refuses to compromise on comfort and style in your home? Look no further! At Model Home Furnishings Frisco, we understand that your couch isn't just a piece of furniture; it's where countless memories are made, both with your family and your furry friends. In this blog post, we've put together a list of the best pet-friendly couch materials for 2023, that will fit every budget and style. We're committed to affordability and with our huge selection of furniture and decor options from over 20 different vendors, we're sure to have a couch you'll fall in love with. Feel free to visit our furniture showroom in Frisco, TX during our convenient hours:

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The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Durability

When choosing a pet-friendly couch, it's essential to strike the right balance between comfort and durability. This can ultimately be acheived by selecting a couch made with the appropriate materials from the start. Our showroom features a wide range of options that will definitely meet these criteria. Whether you have a playful pup or a lazy cat, these couch materials are designed to withstand the demands of pet ownership (not to mention any cute kiddos in your home) while offering you ttons of comfort and style.

Performance Fabric: Our favorite fabric at the moment is a performance fabric that is part of our Pet and Kid-Proof collection. This fabric was created so that you wouldn't have to compromise great style or aesthetic because you're worried about pet hair, sticky fingers, crayons, or the occasional juice spill. This awesome performance line not only offers the market's widest array of performance fabrics, but it's also customizable, and has a seemingly endless selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

Leather: This has long been a go to for homes bustling with kids and furry friends, given its incredible durability. But the world of leather is diverse, and not all types of leather share the same resilience. For example, Aniline leather, in its unadulterated natural form, lacks the protective dye treatment, which makes it more susceptible to scuffs, which might not be the best fit for you and your pets paws. Opt instead for semi-aniline or pigmented leather options, which have been thoughtfully treated to fortify their durability without breaking the bank. And when you're scouting for options, "top-grain" leather is a preferred choice because it is generally, but not always, more sturdy compared to bonded leather counterparts.  Leather is also great because it can be vacuumed or wiped down with a moistened cloth when needed  So be sure to ask about the kind of leather the couch was made with so you can make an informed selection without regrets down the line.

Microfiber MagicMeet microfiber, the stain-resistant synthetic wonder. Its surface repels liquids, and most spills yield to a simple soap and water treatment. Microfiber boasts a plush, velvet-like texture and a tight weave that remains impervious to your pet's playful claws. Keep it pristine with a vacuum or a trusty lint brush.

Canvas: The Pet-Friendly Protector Canvas emerges as a top choice for pet-loving households, thanks to its tear-resistant nature and its knack for keeping dirt and hair at bay. This tightly woven fabric is not only incredibly durable but also a breeze to clean with a quick wash using soap and water. Consider adorning your furniture with canvas slipcovers for an effortless way to safeguard your furnishings. When they get dirty, simply toss them in the washing machine, and voila – dirt, dander, and hair woes vanish.

Velvet:  She's luxurious but is a bit of a diva among fabrics,  It loves to attract attention, and pet hair is not an exception, however, there's no denying its innate ability to make a bold statement, which is why we love it. Just keep in mind that it enjoys a good lint-rolling or good vacuuming every now and then. The bonus? Velvet's tightly woven texture makes it nearly impervious immune to pet claw mischief or tears, which makes it astylish and pet-friendly compromise and allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.  It does require professional cleaning when deep cleaning is required, in order to keep it's color uniform throughout. For this reason although we love it, she's at the bottom of our list.

 Furniture Covers and Additional Features: While we have a ton of pet-friendly couches you may see a sofa that isn't but you just can't resist.  If that's the case and you don't mind a little extra effort, then there are so many removable and washable covers on the market, making cleaning even more convenient. We also also offer couches with built-in storage so you can hideaway all of your pet's toys and accessories, however they may not neccisarrily be considered "Pet-Friendly" based on the material, but if you have a non-shedding dog for example, having this feature might be a higher priority then cleanability.

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