Setting up and Furnishing the Perfect Home Office

The COVID-19 situation has made working from home more common for employees and the self-employed. Now more than ever, it is essential to have a comfortable space to work from home. A dedicated workspace lets you put aside household distractions and concentrate on your work. If you’re looking to set up that perfect home office, here are some tips that can help you do just that:

Make Sure You Get Some Natural Light

Setting up your home office in a place with natural daylight is a great way to make you feel more active and energized. Furthermore, it helps you maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, an essential nutrient that aids sleep and mental health. Aside from its health benefits, natural lighting will also reduce energy consumption in your home office.

Find a Quiet Spot

To be able to focus on your work, it is crucial that you find a quiet space. Unless you live alone, there are probably some places in your house where you are less likely to be disturbed. Choosing the right space for your home office is half the battle won, as a quiet space will make it easier for you to focus on your work.

Choose the Right Colors

Your home office's colors can have a profound psychological effect. Choosing the right color can mean the difference between high productivity and feeling like you want to sleep every time you sit at your desk. We recommend you use light and natural colors such as green or blue since they can help stimulate creativity and productivity. Plants and other accessories are also excellent additions for introducing green into your home office, especially if you’re looking for a natural mental health aid.

Select Ergonomic Furniture

Considering the amount of time you’ll spend in your home office, selecting well-designed ergonomic furniture is essential. Having ergonomic chairs that support your back and are comfortable when you sit for long periods is not a luxury but a necessity for your health and overall well-being.

Although they can be challenging to get used to, consider getting a height-adjustable desk instead of a traditional "fixed" desk. Your desk can be adjusted to standing height with a simple push of a button or twist of a crank, allowing you to sit when you choose or stretch your legs when you need while still allowing you to get your work done.

Personalize It According to Your Taste

According to a study from the University of Exeter, making design decisions about your workspace improves productivity, health, and happiness. Participants were also found to have increased productivity by 32%.


Before you hire an interior designer, think about your style. What type of personal items inspires you in your workspace? What are things you can add that can help keep you motivated and happy? These personal touches can make you feel more comfortable and overcome the challenges of working from home.

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