The Art of Mixing and Matching Furniture Styles in Frisco Homes

Welcome to Model Home Furnishings Friscowhere we believe that the beauty of interior design lies in the art of mixing and matching furniture styles. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the creative process of harmoniously blending different furniture styles to transform your Frisco home. At Model Home Furnishings Frisco, we offer an extensive range of affordable options, with access to over a million furniture and decor choices from over 20 different vendors. Join us as we explore the world of eclectic design, and don't forget to visit our store during our convenient hours:

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Finding Your Unique Style

Every homeowner in Frisco has their own unique sense of style, and the beauty of mixing and matching furniture is that it helps you discover your very own design identity. Start by assessing your likes, from different color options and patterns to different eras and materials. Take inspiration from magazines, social media, and especially nature. Once you have your vision in mind, it's time to explore the  diverse range of furniture and decor options that can be found at Model Home Furnishings Frisco for a fraction of the price.  We're known for our saying, "We don't do 'matchy-matchy'", and that's because we DON'T.  If you've visited our Frisco Showroom than you know that we go out of our way to incorporate different pieces in each room and you'll never catch us putting a complete "Bedroom Set" on our showrrom floor.  We think that takes all of the fun out of design and why would we do that when we have so many fabulous options!  Here's our take on the art of mixing and matching furniture syles and how to incorporate these tips into your own DFW home.  Afterall, elevate your environment and you'll elevate your mood, improving your quality of life.

Balancing Modern and Traditional

One of the most exciting aspects of mixing styles is the opportunity to balance the old with the new. Consider combining traditional elements like antique furniture with modern pieces to create a timeless look. For example, pair a classic wooden dining table with sleek, contemporary chairs for an eclectic dining room that captures the essence of history with a modern twist.

Mixing Different Design Styles to Create Your Unique Style

In the world of interior design, blending different design styles and cultural influences is the key to taking a ho-hum space and creating design magic. With a touch of creativity it's easy to make your home look not only stunning but also entirely unique. Embrace the diversity of other cultures, experiment with textures, colors, and materials, and watch your home transform.

For example, Japanese design is incredibly popular right now and it's easy to see why.  Its essence lies in the blend of minimalism, simplicity, and sheer functionality, Japanese-inspired homes when done correctly exude an inviting warmth, tranquility, and a sense of harmony that makes it undeniably soothing to the soul.  Who couldn't use a little extra calm and peace in their life.  We sure could!  Now imagine mixing Japanese inspired pieces with contemporary ones...and voila, you have a fusion that's truly unique and will keep you from getting bored with your space because you can easily swap out pieces periodically without throwing off the entire space.  Like we said...Design Magic. 

Experimenting with Colors and Textures

Color Code of Conduct: Have you heard that brown is the new black?  Although currently, layering subtle neutrals and browns (think of Kim Kardashians famous home), don't shy away from experimenting with different colors that you tend to gravitate towards.  Try incorporating bold, colorful accents into a predominantly neutral space to create an exciting "POP" and keep 'em on their toes.

Play with Texture: Mixing and matching furniture styles allows you to play with contrasting elements so you can surround yourself with a look that you'll love, rather than what's trendy or part of "the package".  By all means, don't be afraid to experiment with different textures.  You can find interesting ways to incorporate texture into your space, for example, incorporate a Boucle piece, which is so popular right now and ihappens to be one of our favorite 2023 design trends.  If you don't know what we're talking about, you soon will.  Boucle is traditionally made from mohair or wool and is incredibly soft, (think cotton balls or the inside of your favorite UGG boots).  We're all about creating comfortable spaces that are still beautiful and inviting, and Boucle doesn't disappoint.

Bring Nature In: To really give your home more design depth, try adding natural and sustainable products like wood, stone, bamboo, cork, rattan, jute, seagrass, marble, granite, limestone, and slate.  These materials will help you bring a bit of nature to your interior, which is always good for the soul.

Material Magic: Plush fabrics, rustic wood, and sleek metals will add a ton of depth and character to your rooms.  When our Model Home Furnishings Frisco design team visited the Las Vegas Furniture Market 2023 we saw more intricately woven seating, tapestry and textures than ever before, and we couldn't wait to bring some of our favorites home to our Frisco showroom. 

Creating Cohesion through Accessories

Accessories are your secret weapon when it comes to blending furniture styles and different spaces together seamlessly. Try using the simple things like rugs, throw pillows, artwork, and lighting fixtures to tie together the different design elements in your space.  Or if you're on a tight budget, try the less ovbious and pick some beautiful twigs from your favorite tree or plant.  Place them in similar colored vases from room to room so that each room has atleast one common and repeating element,  These are just a few easy ways to create more  harmony within your home while giving you that "put together" look you'll  love.

Maximizing Functionality

Sure aesthetics are essential, but we can't forget about functionality. Choose furniture that not only complements your overall design, but also serves a purpose. Consider multi-functional pieces like storage ottomans, convertible sofas, and extendable dining tables to make the most of your home's layout.

Affordable Elegance at Model Home Furnishings Frisco

At Model Home Furnishings Frisco we understand the importance of having a home designed to tell your story and doesn't break the bank. Our commitment to affordability means you can explore eclectic design without compromising your budget. With access to over a million furniture and decor options, you'll find the perfect pieces to express your unique style and personality without having to switch to a diet consisting of ramen noodles.  

Experience the Art of Mixing and Matching

Unleash your creativity and transform your Frisco home into a work of art by mastering the art of mixing and matching furniture styles. At Model Home Furnishings Frisco.we're here to support your unique design journey. Visit or Contact us today and let's get started creating your own unique and inspired home or business space.  Don't know where to start and need a little extra design help?  Then be sure to ask about our design services.  We've got you covered.